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        Me gusta + infinitive

         I like to…

         The infinitive is the basic form of the verb, or to + verb.

        Nadar = to swim

        Escuchar = to listen to

        Correr = to run


         To talk about what others like to do, use:

        Te gusta + infinitive

         You like to…

        Le gusta + infinitive  

         He/She likes to…


         To ask if someone likes to do something, put question marks around the phrase.

        ¿Te gusta + infinitive?

         Do you like to…?

        ¿Le gusta + infinitive?

         Does he/she like to…?


         To say someone doesn’t like something, put no before the phrase.

        No me gusta + infinitive.

         I don’t like to…

        No te gusta + infinitive.

         You don’t like to…

        No le gusta + infinitive.

         He/she doesn’t like to…


         To use a person’s name when talking about what they like to do, use:

        A (name) le gusta + infinitive.

         (Name) likes to…

        A Pablo le gusta nadar.

         Pablo likes to swim.

        A Francisca le gusta correr.

         Francisca likes to run.


 To make it easier, think about the chart we use for subject pronouns...

1 me gusta... 4 We'll learn these in U3E1
2 te gusta... 5 We'll learn these in U3E1
3 le gusta... 6 We'll learn these in U3E1

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