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Ser vs. Estar

·      Ser and estar both mean “to be.” They are used differently. You have to learn the conjugations as well as the uses of each.


SER – to be

yo soy

nosotros somos


vosotros sois

él, ella, Ud. es

ellos, ellas, Uds. son


Uses of ser:

C – Characteristics (physical and/or personality)

O – Origin (where you’re from)

I – Identity (profession, relationship, possession)

N – Nationality


ESTAR – to be

yo estoy

nosotros estamos


vosotros estáis

él, ella, Ud. está

ellos, ellas, Uds. están


Uses of estar:

To tell how you feel or where you are, always use the verb estar.

·      Location

·      Feelings (or how a person is at the moment – cansado)

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