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Apuntes - Adjectives

Words that describe people and things are called adjectives (adjetivos).


·        Most have a masculine and feminine form.

o      The masculine form usually ends in –o.

o      The feminine form usually ends in –a.


·        Masculine adjectives are used to describe masculine nouns.

o      El chico es ordenado y simpático.

·        Feminine adjectives are used to describe feminine nouns.

o      Marta es ordenada y simpática.


·        Adjectives that end in –e are used to describe both types of nouns.

o      Anita es inteligente.


·        Adjectives whose masculine form ends in –dor have a feminine form that ends in –dora.

o      Juan es trabajador.

o      Luz es trabajadora.


·        Some adjectives that end in –a, such as deportista, describe both masculine and feminine nouns. You just have to memorize which adjectives follow this pattern.

o      Tomás es deportista.

o      Marta es deportista también.

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